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The Acecraft network now has an anarchy server that supports version 1.12.2 through 1.15.2. Come and enjoy our server and live with our community Website: https://www.acecraft.pt/ IP: play.acecraft.pt

Server IP: play.acecraft.pt Port:

Anarchy Acecraft
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Kaizen Worlds is a 6-year-old survival server for people of all ages. Main features of the server: Towny for player grouping and land claims. MCMMO to level up skills and gain new abilities.shops to earn and spend in-game money. creative plots in a...

Server IP: mc.kaizen-worlds.net Port: 25565

Kaizen Worlds Towny Survival
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A unique survival multiplayer server on Minehut. Featuring multiple worlds with player based economies, towns, dungeons, mini-games, stories and quests and more. Come join us to tell your tale!

Server IP: WAWCrafts.minehut.gg Port:

WAWCrafts MC
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A Factions, Skyblock, and Prisons server with great builds, fun features, friendly staff, and a great community that will save you from the void of boredom. We are currently looking for players, so be one of the first people to hop on TheGodsMC and get...

Server IP: play.thegodsmc.org Port: 25565

TheGodsMC Minecraft Server
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Blueshift is a no-grief survival server that is now officially released. Features - No Grief Survival - Claiming System - Rankup System With Perks Unlocked At Each Rank - Player Driven Economy - Jobs - Auction House - mcMMO - ArtMap - More Join Us! ...

Server IP: play.blueshiftmc.com Port: 25565

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This Server Is A custom Enchants Mcmmo Normal Faction Server Come Join Now its a very fun server with alot of great staff to help you with anything!!! we will try to add envoys soon aswell so stay tuned in

Server IP: Port: 25575

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Salty Network!We are an expanding, friendly community, and we invite you to come join it! On our server you can expect to find helpful staff, nice people, and fun gamemodes! We have a server wide discord chat, and even a website. We have custom plugins...

Server IP: saltynetwork.mymc.io Port:

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We have upgraded our Minecraft server and updated to Craftbukkit 1.16.5. Our new IP address is We are now running on a new VPS and a new website host. Our website will be on the works for the next couple of days. Thank you for understanding.

Server IP: Port: 25565

AcemanWolf MC Server - A Minecraft Server for PC
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Small Fun Vanilla, SMP, SkyBlock Server 1.8 to 1.15.2. In-Game ranks, spawners, shop, auction house, trading, Minions, Pets, LuckyBlocks and lots of other items. Don't need to pay to play 100% free to play. Come claim land, build, explore and have...

Server IP: MC.LynxCraft.FUN Port: 25565

LynxCraft Minecraft Server
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A friendly community founded by brunyman on August 2011 We keep up 10 modded FTB servers as well Feel free to check our servers now :) Enjoy!

Server IP: play.craftersland.eu Port: 25565

CraftersLand MC
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Server Address: mc.blackwonder.tf or Blackwonder Minecraft aims to bring back the oldschool factions feel. We provide the old factions plugin alongside MCMMO and an in-game store that still makes resource scavanging a must. With a...

Server IP: mc.blackwonder.tf Port:

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Welcome to Saga of Hedmark! SOH is a historical roleplay based on Scandinavia during 800-850 AD. Although it takes place in a fictional tribe, the lore and events are mostly historically accurate. Server is right now in Open Beta. Which means there...

Server IP: Port: 25573

Saga Of Hedmark
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MandMMC is an SMP server with a growing community of both players and staff. We recently switched from Skyblock to SMP, so we have a new map for you to explore! We also have areas for you to explore such as the Volcano (Mount MandM) which you enter...

Server IP: play.mandmmc.com Port:

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The Doerak Server will be opening in the next few weeks, here is everything you need to know: It is a Minecraft version 1.8 server It’s mainly PVP based Our server discord is https://discord.gg/YacwSSJ We will announce on our twitter when the...

Server IP: play.doerak.nu Port: 25565

Doerak MC
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Step once more into Middle-Earth, and enter the War of the Ring. A team of enthusiastic and dedicated people have come together to bring forward the best Lord of the Rings MineCraft experience out there. Once you enter the world you will start your...

Server IP: wotrmc-world1.com Port:

The Lord of the Rings Server - War of the Ring
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MCOuting is a small community looking for new players and anyone is welcome to join. MCOuting is a vanilla friendly server and doesn't have many game altering plugins, the only one that changes the game experience is BigDoors. Come join us soon at...

Server IP: play.mcouting.com Port:

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Gates of Aevony IP: mc.aevony.net Website: https://aevony.net Gates of Aevony is a MC community with friendly people oriented around, but not limited to, survival. It's tightly knitted around player communication, resource trading and good...

Server IP: mc.aevony.net Port:

Gates of Aevony 1.13.2 Minecraft Server
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Connection address: anarchy.serv.onl Categories: PVP, PVE, Survival, Vanilla, Anarchy, Hard Difficulty Website: https://ketchup.games Discord: https://discord.gg/W9QNRmB Contact: info[@]ketchup.games Full Description Ketchup Anarchy is a PVP survival...

Server IP: anarchy.serv.onl Port:

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Sensei Servers is a Survival,Role-play,KitPVP,PVP,Creative,Cake-poke Server, I made the server because Minecraft is one of my favorite games and id like to let people have a good time playing with friends!

Server IP: Port: 25569

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Ridleys survival server is a server where you can meet new friends and hang out with people who enjoy playing survival. We have players who are very friendly and like helping other players, we also have dedicated staffmembers who are usually on a very...

Server IP: Ridleycraft.apexmc.co Port:

Ridleys Survival Server
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Welcome to Viciante, a completely innovative and full of news server network! Our Survival server has a differentiated economy, special chests, various equipment packages, official stores, a land system, some bosses, member clans, arenas and many other...

Server IP: jogar.viciante.com.br Port:

Viciante Network
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HussNetwork is a Fun, Exciting, and unique experience. We have factions and in the future we will add more for you to play! Our servers are extremely fast and well setup, you shouldn't get any lag while playing on our network.

Server IP: Port: 26550

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Welcome to Greatbuild: Immersive Survival This is the #1 most immersive and realistic Minecraft server in the world! Experience true immersion in a never-before-seen way of playing! On this server, there are no player lists. There are no name tags. And...

Server IP: Port: 25572

Greatbuild: Immersive Survival
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New server that is currently still in development. The Server has factions,jobs, economy, custom enchants, crates and much more. The server is PvP Factions based with a world border so that finding bases isn't that difficult. The server is...

Server IP: Port: 25584

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elytra.cc Join a simplistic and brand new Survival server on version 1.18.1 of Minecraft, with features like chunk claiming, armor elytras, and mechanics like elevators and fast rails. Vote for a reward of five diamonds. Official release: 02/06/2022...

Server IP: play.elytra.cc Port:

elytra.cc Minecraft Server
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Join our newly founded Minecraft gaming community. Currently we consist of a Competitive Skyblock server but wish to expand for your enjoyment.

Server IP: coppercraft.us Port:

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Server IP: mc.snkms.com Port: 25565

Sky-Night RPG Survival
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SilverSpell An RPG experience with a focus on Dungeons Main Features - Custom Coded Combat - Custom Crafting Systems - Custom Mobs, Items, and Drops - Party Sytem - RPG Elements

Server IP: mc.silverspell.net Port:

SilverSpell MC
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Yukie Gaming server survival and soon there will be pvp zombie city apocalypse and some other minigames

Server IP: play.yukiegaming.nl Port:

Yukie Gaming
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This is a 1.8 minecraft server (english) created in swe Uhndress (old name) _MarshYT_ (new name) 5 Games (FFA) (skywars) (bedwars) (duels) (skyblock) 3 Ranks (VIP) (MVP) (OVERLORD) More: https://minehunt.craftingstore.net/ About the server: We just...

Server IP: mc.minehunt.tk Port:

MineHunt MC
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