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A new server based around factions with a economy, custom shops, and many more fun things. If you (somehow) like the server you could donate a dollar or more at https://server.pro/server/14849592 . It's not much, but it helps. We are very open to...

Server IP: Port: 40321


===[Days Of Destruction have ended]== We are shutting down the Towny server so that we can transfer the 1.13.2 server over & continue with our work! Thank you to everyone that has supported us through Donations, Support, great ideas and more...

Server IP: Forgotten-Empires.com Port: 25565

Forgotten-Empires: Yggdrasil

Studio-Craft is new and ready for loads of people with NO LAG and 100% uptime very stable TPS. We offer: Survival Vanilla ( PVP Enabled ) PVP Economy Admin Shops Player Shops Ranks and MORE XD

Server IP: play.studio-craft.co.za Port: 25565

StudioCraft Vanilla + Survival

If you enjoy Minecraft prison servers, the chances are that you have heard of the server TitanMC. We have rebuilt the original TitanMC map as closely as possible by hand. We have made a few custom plugins to attempt to achieve the best player experience...

Server IP: ambrosium.net Port: 25565

Welcome to Ambrosium MC!

Welcome to CactusCraft! We are a small no-whitelist dedicated Semi-Vanilla survival server with plugins that do not dramatically alter the gameplay of basic Vanilla Minecraft. Our community is maintained by well experienced staff members and by our...

Server IP: Port: 25585


Custom RPG/MMO experience styled server. Leveling System; Growing plots, Skills and abilities Extra Worlds (Elysium/lvls) Mining world (moon) PVP (nether) Passive/active rewards Economy (sell/buy from server) Spawners drop Player trading Custom...

Server IP: Port: 53088

GameSource Minecraft

Welcome to Firegate! A brand new minecraft server dedicated to giving everyone an amazing experience. This server has a small yet fun vanilla world. We have voting rewards, a huge shop, pvp arena, tons of events and easter eggs so why are you still...

Server IP: Port: 25586

Firegate MC

Eternal Entities is a new 1.15.2 survival minecraft server launched in June IP: eternal.apexmc.co We are dedicated to provide a fun in-game experience with a feel of classic vanilla survival Plugins include and are not limited to: Essential...

Server IP: Port: 25622

Eternal Entities MC

NOW RUNNING 1.16.1, We are always looking for more families and members to join the server. The server is a safe place for all ages and education level to come and play, we run some fun plugins as well as just survive and build. We have a full admin...

Server IP: MWCRAFT.DEVCON1.INFO Port: 25565


ALISONMC.CO.UK AlisonMC is a very customised server a lot of work has been put into it with over 50 plugins running on an impressive 64GB RAM dedicated server offering no performance loss! With over 20 custom plugins we offer a truly unique experience....

Server IP: alisonmc.co.uk Port: 25565


a cool server that has been opened not long ago there are comming more game modes!!!

Server IP: 416craft.aternos.me Port: 25565